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How to make representations

My representation affects Housing Allocation Policy HA18 for Storrington and Sullington, and associated site assessments, sustainability appraisals, habitat regulation assessments, paragraphs and the policies map.

Inclusion of site STO1 within Policy HA18 means that:

The Local Plan does not comply with Regulations 17, 19 and 20 of the

Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and Reg 66(1) of the Planning

(Listed Buildings and Conservation Act 1990.

ST01 does not comply with Section 9(4) of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

The Local Plan does not comply with paras 16, 123, 128 - 129, 180, 195,

201, 206-208, 224 and 227 of the NPPF dated Dec 2023.

The Local Plan does not comply with PCPA Act 2004 Reg 17(5) because

STO1 does not comply with the following Strategic Policies: sustainable

development; settlement expansion; water neutrality; environmental

protection; air quality; the natural environment and landscape character;

countryside protection; settlement coalescence; development quality;

development principles; heritage assets and managing change within the

historic environment; infrastructure provision; and sustainable transport.

We strongly recommend you add your own comments or letter. You can edit, or draw on,

the summary objections documents on the `Other’ Page.

I want STO1 removed from the Local Plan to make it lawful and sound.

I want the Storrington Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan 2019 and its

Green Gap to be explicitly recognised within HA18,

I want all the assessments and appraisals relating to STO1 removed from the Local

Plan as they significantly misrepresent the site..

As a last resort you can simply email.

The easiest way to object involves copying and pasting sentences and, if you wish, uploading and downloading documents.  So it may be easier done on a PC / laptop / tablet, rather than on a phone.  

There is a lot of information about this consultation on the HDC web site

Local plan Regulation 19.  

Follow this link to the Regulation 19 representations page to the online consultation response form, or simply click on this link to go straight to the form:

 Online Consultation Response Form