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Further information links

Summary objections 1 - A detailed summary of legal, NPPF and local plan strategic policy non-compliance.

Summary objections 2 - Summarises the legal, NPPF and Strategic Policy non-compliance.

STO1 Context - A site description, with OS and footpath maps.

Planning appeal refusal decision 2014 [Planning inspectorate] - A collection of reasons why planning permission was refused by the planning inspector in 2014

HDC Site Assessment for the Neighbourhood Plan 2019 - HDC’s own assessment of the western part of the STO1site – as unsuitable and unsustainable. Extending to the east makes matters worse.

STO1 Photos - A Google Drive folder containing lots of views of the site

The HDC Local Plan - A link to the HDC Local Plan page

The National Planning Policy Framework – A link to a copy of NPPF23, with relevant sections highlighted.

How to object - stand-alone - Stand-alone guidance on how to object by email or using the HDC online form.

See >Letter from Andrew Griffith MP