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Reasons to make Representations


The form is simple but needs a precise response. Here are a few reasons why we should make representations This page is followed by advice on how to complete the form.

We have tried to keep this factual and have included reference to planning documents in each section.

We are concentrating on the part of the plan that directly affects us in Storrington. It is called STO1 and relates to land between Fryern Road on the west, the top of Downsview avenue in the east and The Wantleys to the north.

Reason one. Our Green Gap.

The plan for STO1 allocates at least 70 houses in our green gap. The green gap is an area of open farmland between Storrington and West Chiltington and is an important part of the Neighbourhood plan that we wrote and had approved by Horsham District council. It was approved following a referendum. Truly democratic.

The building of 70 houses will be a single development across three fields stretching from Fryern Road in the West to the Downlands Avenue development to the east and will adjoin The Wantleys Hamlet in the North.

The plan requires 45% of the houses to be affordable but the price for these will be the building of five bedroom houses that the village does not need. In reality developers often apply to have this condition removed once they have permission so it is quite possible that the affordable houses will never be built.

 Our neighbourhood plan identified the need for starter homes and affordable housing only and identified sites for these inside the built up area of the village. Built here new owners would be able to access the shops and services such as doctors and schools without getting in the car and further damaging our air quality.

The Government has published a new version of their National Planning guidance. This strengthens protection of our green gap. HDC are relying on a previous version as they have rushed this plan through. Our MP, Andrew Griffith describes it as jumping the gun. But the old plan still gives the green gap considerable importance.

HDC themselves have relied on the green gap status to refuse at least four planning applications.

Our Heritage.

The NPPF, that provides guidance to planners puts very considerable importance to preserving our heritage sites including listed buildings and conservation areas. Much of our heritage was destroyed in the war and much disappeared during a period in the last century when there was little or no planning control. Our children and grandchildren will thank us for preserving these sites to allow them to have a genuine sense history and their shared heritage.

We are very fortunate to have listed buildings in Storrington. Three of them are affected by STO1.

A previous planning appeal on part of this site was refused because building here would “cause substantial harm to the character and appearance” of the setting of one of the listed buildings. STO1 is a larger site across three fields and would damage the character and setting of two more listed buildings. Three in all.

It is not just the buildings that are important but also their setting which is protected by law.

Our councillors have a legal duty to protect these under a 1990 planning act.

It is not just the buildings that are important but also their setting which is protected by law.

Our councillors have a legal duty to protect these under a 1990 planning act.

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We have added this page because we are only invited to make representations to an examiner who will be appointed to examine this plan.

We are not invited to object. We can only make representations to the examiner.